Accelerate your application development

Prebuilt Samples to get going faster

IT pros use Linx to create custom backend solutions quicker and faster than traditional development environments. We've built a range of simple low code processes that cover common programming operations to illustrate the benefits of low code programming. Simply download a sample, replace the settings to suit your environment and explore the potential Linx can offer your business. 

Fixed Length and CSV Files

Write a fixed length or CSV file using Expressions or Razor Template.

Write CSV File

Read product information from a database and write it to a CSV file.

Parse XML

Parse an XML file and insert the record into a database. Write/delete imported orders to an XML file and check that the import succeeded.

Parse CSV Files

Parse a CSV file and insert the records into a database. Write (or delete) imported customers to file and checks that the import succeeded.

Write Large Files

Get a handle on the file. Perform repeated operations on and write directly to the file.

Store Images in Database

Find and read every image file in the input folder and sets the image as the photo of the corresponding employee in the database. Writes the photo of every employee to an output folder.

Send Email from SQL Server

Retrieve customer details and sends plain text email or HTML email and notifies you how many emails were sent.

Timer Service to create documents

Creates a timer service that will, at a predetermined time, automatically create a text file with the content: "Hello World".

Publish a Web Service

Publish any process as a REST web service.

Automate Backups to AWS S3 AWS API

Create a service that will automatically back up a file to Amazon S3 if the file is located in a specified directory and if any changes are made to the file.

Automated SNS Notifications AWS API

Create a service that will automatically send a notification via AWS Single Notification Service (SNS) when a file is located in a specified directory and any changes are made to the file.

Import Xero Invoices to SQL Database 

Automated import and write of Xero invoices to a SQL database.

Write Xero Invoices to CSV  

Read product information from Xero and writes it to a CSV file.

Extract Xero Contacts & Email Results  

Extract customer contacts from Xero and email the results daily.

Extract Xero Bank Transactions to Database 

Extracts bank transactions from Xero and import in a Sql Server Database.

Integrate Xero and AWS 

Create a service that automatically retrieves overdue invoices and writes them to a CSV file, uploads the file to Amazon S3 and emails the file to a specified recipient. Includes a reminder when the total amount of overdue invoices is larger than a specified amount.

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