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Deploy your Solution to the Linx Server to automatically run your processes in the background.

Linx Server hosts and manages your Linx Solutions. Once Solutions are added to the Server, you can start the Services defined in the Solution. Your Services can include simple Timers that executes your processes or complex Web Services that reacts when receiving calls on the API you've defined.

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  • Locally hosted, on-premise server
  • Unlimited solutions
  • Detailed execution logs
  • Error logging & reporting dashboard
  • Email support
  • Solution review & advice

Linx Server FAQs


What is this a Linx Server?
Linx Server runs as a Windows Service to host and manage Linx Solutions created in the Designer.

Where is the Linx Server hosted?
You install Linx Server on the hardware of your choice, in your own data centre or in your own cloud account.

Do you have a cloud server?
Cloud servers are available on request and additional charges may apply. Contact us for more information.


Do you provide customer support?
In addition to our community and online help, we offer all our customers access to email support.

What is Premium Support?
Consider upgrading to the Premium Support for enhanced technical support, assistance in building applications and above all, peace of mind. Our Premium Support offers a dedicated phone number and account manager to handle all your requests.

Can Linx build my solution?
Yes. Our expert team offers everything you need to design, build and launch robust, professional solutions. Simply contact us to find out more.


What will happen at the end of my trial?
When your trial expires, your Linx Server will still run but all solutions will be switched off. You can switch it on by subscribing to a paid plan.

Are there restrictions to my trial?
Nope, there are no restrictions, fees or catches. simply download and use the Designer for free and once you are ready deploy to the Server to start your trial.

I love Linx! How can I purchase?
Head on over to our pricing page and sign up for a new license.

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