The Linx Server: Host, execute and manage automated solutions.

The Linx Automation Server hosts and manages your Linx Solutions. Solutions are deployed to the Server and run as a service, executing automated tasks that take place in the background.

Linx Server

An enterprise proven work-engine for business-critical workflows and processes

Run Anywhere - Whether your company is moving to the cloud or needs to stay on premises, Linx runs wherever you need it to.

  • 1-Click Deploy  -
    Easy to install and get started, the Linx Server is real-world ready. Deploy solutions instantaneously from the Linx Designer with one-click deployment.

  • Management and Reporting Tools -
    All-in-one dashboard to view your entire environment at any time. View analytics, event history and error logging for complete control and insight into performance. 

  • Automation Made Easy
     - Triggers processes based on events including message queues and file directory actions.

  • Web Services
    - Expose your solution as a REST or SOAP web service.

  • Job Scheduling
    - Schedule processes to run at a specific time or to repeat. Schedule anything from running a data transformation to a complex process flow or just to send regular email reports.

  • Security -
    Safeguard mission-critical applications from the outset. With proactive measures baked into our technology, you can rest confident that Linx is working hard make sure your data is safe.

Built for everyone. Use our cloud or your datacenter

Choose the environment that best supports your business requirements.

Cloud Microsoft Azure

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, Linx will handle all daily operations, security, updates, and upgrades.

Highly Scalable
Our fully scalable solution meets the needs of your business as you grow.

Safety & Security
Enjoy world-class industry security standards provided by Microsoft.

Rapid Provisioning
Get up and running immediately without having to provision new infrastructure.

Always Online
Connect APIs instantly and benefit from easy access to other 3rd party systems.


Deploy as your business dictates, whether it be private cloud or on-premises infrastructure.

Enterprise Ready
A Windows Service, the Linx Server is architected to scale as your needs grow.

Connect & Go 
Control your data and security with easy integration to current systems.

Keep Control
Manage the Linx Server to maintain control in highly regulated industries.

Robust & Trusted
Proven in large financial enterprises for over 20 years.

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