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 Next Steps 

1. Get familiar with the main concepts of Linx.

2. Build your application or download a sample and modify it to suit your needs.

3. Deploy it to a Linx Server to run unattended.


 More about Linx 

1. Linx is a programming tool for building backend applications like APIs, integrations and automations. Think of us as Visual Studio for low-code.

2. A Linx application does not have a user interface. Instead, it allows you to build API’s that interact with front-facing applications like mobile apps or websites. The Linx application is managed through a Linx Server which has a management interface.

3. You do not need deep knowledge or expertise in a specific language or framework to build your application. However, you do need to know how programming works as Linx uses the same concepts, just with larger building blocks and more help.

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