How Mike Allen Systems Automates Expenses and Reduces Tax with Linx

Case Study Scenario

A small business consultancy benefits from connecting their internal systems

The Situation

Mike Allen Systems is an Australian-based Data/BI Consultancy specialized in integrations and financial systems. He offers services such as business intelligence and analytics, process automation and various data services that simplify and add value to businesses around the world.

Mike was in the process of investigating cost effective methods for extracting data from Xero for various business intelligence purposes until the release of the Xero Power Business Intelligence App. He soon found out that he still needed to extract more comprehensive data for uploading expense claims to Xero.

Daily Challenges

Uploading expense claims is a vital function, as it affects tax deductions and business intelligence analytics. Mike needed a method of loading expenses, bank and credit card details directly to Xero, seamlessly, easily and effectively.

Upon investigation, Mike found popular market solutions for this were expensive, and data entry companies who could perform the task charged exorbitant fees. Alternatively, entering in expenses by hand was not an option for Mike’s busy operation, and similar solutions were simply too expensive, offsetting the benefit of tax deductions for Mike and his clients.

"The seamless implementation took an hour, tops, and only requires a Xero account and a key. I am automating expenses where other people are entering them by hand."

Solution: Linx and its new Xero API Plugin

After seeking a better, more suitable solution, Mike found Linx and its Xero API plugin. The low-code nature of Linx made the integration seamless and fast, and he immediately enjoyed the benefits;


Linx has drag-and-drop functionality, minimizing the workload and complexity required for implementation and use. As a low-code platform, Linx is equally powerful in the hands of an experienced developer or by someone with limited or no coding experience.

Saves Time, Money and Effort:

The Xero plugin reduces several days of error prone work to a few hours of flawless, automatic execution. This allows Mike to save on costs, time and effort without spending money on external data companies or human resources.

Flexible and Stable:

While the Xero plugin was introduced to solve one challenge, Mike found the additional built in plugins offered by Linx to be extremely versatile and powerful. Creating multiple small processes, solving challenges as they arose, such as extending the programming capabilities of the Xero platform and customising his setup to suit his specific needs.

Reliable Support and Resources:

Mike found the Linx team very helpful and responsive when he needed support. The Linx support team responded quickly to all of his needs and ensured that Mike could continue to use the plugin effectively.


By using the low-code functions of the plugin while extending and developing additional capabilities of the platform, Mike is able to read expenses, load them to Xero and analyse exactly what he needs without any confusing or complex coding techniques. In addition to this, Mike has been able to custom tailor his solutions to his specific needs through Linx.

Using Linx has afforded him the time to focus on more important things, while he automates the repetitive work with Linx. As a small business owner, Linx was key to automating complex, repetitive and time-consuming processes, allowing Mike more time to focus on the important aspects of his company.

“I’ve got to say the expense upload is a real blessing and has reduced several days of error prone work to a few hours. This gives me a good cost saving as I can claim my GST refund easily, quickly and effectively”

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