The AddToList function allows lists to be populated. Use this function when you want to populate a list with some data.

In order to add items to a list you need ... a list. Go to the Linx plugin and select a List or create your own Type. Then drag the List into your Function and populate it with data.



The list to populate. If you don't have this list in your drop-down as yet, add a 'Type' -> 'List' into your Function before this function in the Function sequence. If you need a multi-column list, you need to add a 'Type' that defines the columns you need and select the type when you create your list. That list object will then appear in the drop-down for this function for you to select.


The values you want to add to the list. The columns in this list were defined in the 'Type' -> 'List' function mentioned above. When you point this function to a list, the columns from that list will appear in the 'Value' property window. You can point a database query or any other data source to this property that returns the data with all specified columns for that user defined type.

List Output

You can point the value field of the AddToList function at a SQLExecute function output as long as you switch off 'Loop Results' in the SQLExecute function properties. When 'Loop Results' is off the query will return a list.

Other functions also output lists, including the File List function.