Low-Code Integration & API Platform


A development platform to build and host APIs, automations and integrations
without the need for code, frameworks or infrastructure.

Host your solution on-premise or in the cloud with built-in management, metrics and monitoring

 What our customers build with Linx 

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APIs & Microservices

An enterprise bank runs their business banking customer APIs on Linx.

Automate Backend Processes

A multinational investment manager uses Linx to automate their client correspondence.

Integrated Systems

A mining and manufacturing supplier integrates Shopify, Salesforce and Sage X3 using Linx.

Endpoints for Webhooks

We connect our SaaS tools to our microservices using webhooks and Linx.

Backend for Web Applications

An online stock broker builds their internal apps with Wavemaker and uses Linx as the backend.


Visual, but still programming

Build complex applications with pre-built building blocks using familiar programming concepts. Visual properties and smart editors make discovering and using functionality easier than asking Stackoverflow.

Use what you own

Linx works with any stack. Move data between any of your databases, files, queues and APIs. Linx can be the API in front of your legacy system or the backend of your latest app.

Debug your logic, not your syntax

Test your logic at each step of your build. Compile exactly what is required and debug your functions or events for insight into each step.

– Set, define and manage breakpoints and conditions
– Follow your logic step-by-step and step into other functions
– View component properties and hierarchies in your function scope
– Enable logging on your components to view more in-depth information
– Test one or more functions, services or service events using specific user-defined input values

Debugger documentation


Add tried and tested functionality

Quickly build your functionality using pre-built components. Like Nuget or NPM packages, Linx plugins add the functionality required to create your solution. Each Plugin contains Functions, Services and Types representing everything from common programming functions to wrappers for SaaS APIs and interfaces to industry-standard technologies.

Properties and editors make it easy

Functions and Services expose properties and editors to make configuration as simple as possible. Discover functionality by browsing properties and use smart editors to work with complex values or formats e.g. SimpleREST, Timer service, StoredProc and more.


Host On-Premise or in the Cloud

Run your Linx Solution in the environment that best supports your business requirements.
Deploy your app with a single click from the IDE.

Linx Application Server

The all-in-one dashboard provides comprehensive real-time management of your services including
logging, metrics and version history for complete control over your application.

Server Documentation

 Different by design 

Linx vs. Traditional Coding

Building a back-end with Linx is conceptually the same as coding, with visual abstractions for programming concepts like Functions, Services, Events and Types.

This visual metaphor, combined with large pieces of functionality available as plugins, makes learning, building and debugging 10x faster than traditional coding.

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Linx vs. Other Low-code Platforms

Most low code tools target a specific domain or subset of technologies and use a visual process flow to handle custom logic.

Linx is a general-purpose platform with no limitations on the technology to which it can connect with. It uses visual abstractions of programming concepts to make complex logic easy to build and maintain.

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 Trusted by IT Professionals 

Linx has provided the integration we need with our most critical public safety systems. With Linx’s integration, 911 dispatchers can concentrate on the emergency at hand while Linx does the heavy lifting in the background.


911 Colorado, Director

With no dependency on code, we’re able to translate complex concepts and logic into rock-solid services with unparalleled ease and speed.


Technical Director, Mediahost

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