Quickly develop and deploy cost-effective, low-code business applications

End custom development

Easily create process-oriented business solutions - all without writing a single line of code

Improve your development ROI

Save on costly custom development and build business-critical workflows up to 5x faster than a traditional environment

Use Linx for almost anything

From AWS to Zip, choose from over 100 pre-built functions to suit your development needs

Future-proof your business

Adapt and scale applications and processes as your business evolves and stay ahead of the game

The power of low-code development with advanced business integration

Application Integration

Access APIs, databases & files from one application & convert them for use in other applications

Web Services

Create REST or SOAP web services, connect to databases, send emails, write files, call APIs and more

Automate Data Transfers

Schedule or trigger the transfer of files over networks with message queues, FTP or email

Business Process Management

Automate business processes to improve efficiency & reduce errors

Extract, Transform, Load

Aggregate, synchronize and migrate data across systems and databases

Rapid Application Development

Deliver innovation fast without disrupting normal business operations

Loved by developers, trusted by enterprise

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