The Zip function adds files to a zip archive.



The file path to the zip archive folder that will be used or created to store the given files.

Files to compress

A file path string, or a JSON array containing multiple file path strings. All files will be added to the zip archive.

Archive exists

If the zip archive exists you can opt to:

  • Append data: Opens the archive and adds the given files to it.

  • Increment file name: Add a number to the zip archive's name to create a unique zip archive. This is a sequential number starting at 1.

  • Overwrite file: Replaces the content of the zip archive with the new files.

  • Throw exception: Stops the Function's processing and returns an error.

Archive does not exist

Determines whether the zip archive should be created or an exception thrown if the zip archive does not exist.

  • Create File creates a zip archive for the given file path.

  • Throw Exception stops the Function's processing and returns an error.


Password to the zip archive that will be created.


If the Function's processing is successful then the files will be stored in a zip archive and its file path will be returned as the result in ArchiveFilePath.