Notes for release 6.0.5

16 Mar 2022

New UI and dark theme

The UI has been overhauled and a new dark theme has been introduced as the default. You can switch between the light and dark theme in the designer by going to the File -> Configuration menu item and selecting the desired theme.

dark theme light theme change theme

Diffable solutions

Solution files are saved in a directory structure using the JSON format. This allows you to easily add these files to source control and compare the changes between different versions of the solution.

diff code

More control over function result types

A function can now be configured to have no result type, a specific result type (which include types built by the user), or a custom type that is specific to that function.

specific result custom result

Simplified solution layout

Projects have been removed from the solution layout to simplify the structure. If you want to group items, you can accomplish the same functionality by making use of folders.

group by folder

Finer grained updates

Linx 5 bundles updates to the Compiler and Type System with Linx Server and Linx Designer updates. In Linx 6, they're solution dependencies and updates like Plugins. This change allows us to do faster releases of fixes and features while allowing the user more control over updates.

solution updates

Various other GUI fixes, bugs and enhancements

Small fixes and GUI enhancements to ensure a better user experience.