This function has been deprecated.

FileOperations allows for file copy, move, delete, file-exists, as well as create-temp-file queries.



The function supports Copy, Move, Delete, File exists and Create temp file operations.

Source file path

The file path where the file can be found.

Keep file name

If checked, the file will retain the same name when moved or copied to a different folder (subject to the File exists option). Otherwise, the new file name must be specified.

Destination folder path

The folder where the file should be moved or copied to (visible when Keep file name is checked).

Destination file path

The file path, including file name, where the file should be moved or copied to (visible when Keep file name is not checked).

File exists

Three options are available for the case where the target file already exists in that directory.

Do nothing skips the file operation and the function will do nothing.

Overwrite file will cause the old file to be entirely overwritten by a new file.

Increment file name will cause the new file to have a number appended to the filename. So, if the function is expecting to copy or move a file called temp.txt to a new folder, but that file already exists in that location, then the function will create a file with the name temp_1.txt. The next time the function attempts to copy or move temp.txt to this folder, it will be called temp_2.txt.