Overview of the File plugin

The File plugin contains functions that can be used when working with files:

  • BinaryFileRead: To read binary files into memory for use.
  • BinaryFileWrite: To write binary files.
  • CreateTempFile: To create a uniquely named, zero-byte temporary file on disk.
  • DirectoryCopy: To copy a directory.
  • DirectoryCreate: To create a directory.
  • DirectoryDelete: To delete a directory.
  • DirectoryExists: To check for the existence of a directory.
  • DirectoryList: To return a list of directories in a specified directory path.
  • DirectoryMove: To move a directory.
  • FileCopy: To copy a file.
  • FileDelete: To delete a file.
  • FileExists: To check for the existence of a file.
  • FileList: To return a list of files from a folder.
  • FileMove: To move a file.
  • FileOpen: To keep a file open for speeding up large numbers of write operations.
  • Robocopy: Using the Windows Robocopy command to copy, mirror or move files or directories.
  • TextFileRead: To read delimited files, such as CSV files.
  • TextFileWrite: To write content to a text file (including CSV files).

The File plugin also contains the DirectoryWatch service, which can be used to watch a directory for file changes, creations, renaming and deletions.

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