The CallXeroAPI is a function that allows you to make direct calls to the Xero REST API.



OAuth2 authentication is supported.

Create the following values on this Xero Token Generator:

  • TenantId:
    Tenants are the organisations (small businesses) or practices (accounting firms) to which a user belongs and which they can access.
  • RefreshToken:
    The token that is used to refresh the access token once it has expired.

Get these values from the Xero portal, created when you registered your Xero app:

  • ClientId:
    Your unique client identifier.
  • ClientSecret:
    The secret credentials that will be used to authenticate your connection.



The base URL to use for the service request. This excludes any parameter-specific information that are send with the request. A valid example for this field could look like this:


Most web services are configured to accept messages using GET or POST. Some may also use HEAD, PUT or DELETE.

Query string

A list of parameters to use in order to build up the query string. A query string with a format similar to the following will be generated (note that parameters have not been URL encoded to improve readability):


Specify headers to send with the request.

Arguments and data are commonly transferred using the headers of a call. You can add data to the headers if the web service requires this.


The body data to send with the request.


This section allows you to configure the structure of the data that is being returned from the web service.

Json is the supported return format.

Output type

The value type to use when interpreting the response. The type could be String or List. The List option indicates whether the response should be interpreted as a list of values.

List item type

Indicates the what the type for the items in the list must be, e.g. Boolean, Integer, String, List, etc. This option is only visible if the Output type is set to List.



Time to wait for a response. Value is specified in milliseconds. Specify -1 to wait indefinitely.

Max response content size

The maximum amount of bytes response content can contain.