Installing Linx Server

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To install Linx Server:

  1. Open the Linx Server installer and provide the following details:



    The default server port can be changed to any available port setting.

    You can create your own password of choice. It is advisable to create a password that contains a combination of upper and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters.

  2. Click the Install button.

  3. Open your Linx Server.

    The server will be accessible at https://localhost:8022/ on the machine where it was installed. Alternatively, use the port that was specified during installation (see step 5 above) instead of 8022.

  4. Log in to Linx Server.



    You have to log in with the details that you supplied when you installed Linx Server (see step 5 above).

  5. Provide the license details that were emailed to you.


  6. Click Start using Linx.

Server Configuration Management

Some Linx Application Server settings are contained in the following configuration file:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Twenty57 Linx Server 5\Bin\Server\Twenty57.Linx.Server.Core.exe.config

To enable Linx Application Server to send server related emails (e.g. password resets), add these SMTP settings to the config file's app settings:


          <add key="SmtpHost" value=""/>

          <add key="SmtpPort" value="587"/>

          <add key="SmtpFromEmailAddress" value=""/>

          <add key="SmtpUserName" value="user-name"/>

          <add key="SmtpPassword" value="my-smtp-password"/>


More configuration settings and issues are covered in the Linx Community.

Note: Do a restart of your Linx Application Server for the changes to take effect.