Notes for release

Add Input and Output sections in the process/event designer

When working on a process or service event in the designer, it can be difficult to see what input and output values are available and where they are used/referenced. In the case of a function, the user can select the function and see its output structure in the Output window, or right-click and select "Find References" to find all references to the function. This functionality is now also available for process/event input and output values by making use of the Input and Output sections in the process/event designer.

When you click on the Input or Output sections in the process designer, the Output window will display the relevant structure.

Right-clicking on any of these sections will allow you to find any references to these values.

Add Linx plugin type icons

Replaced the generic type icon with custom icons for the built-in types. This will help the user to distinguish between the different types in both the plugins and process window.

Add resolved value tooltip to Settings screen

When referencing a setting in another setting (using the {} syntax), it is sometimes hard to tell what the setting value will resolve to. Added a tooltip on the setting value textbox that will display the resolved value.

Add editors for complex input values when debugging

When debugging a process or event in the designer that has complex input values, you have to specify the input value as a JSON string. This can be difficult for complex types that are many levels deep. This step can now be simplified by making use of the editors that will appear on complex types. When using the editor, it will build up the appropriate JSON string for you. You do still have the option of entering the string manually.

Add find references functionality to Plugins window

It is now possible to determine where a function of a specific type, e.g. the CommandLine function is used by making use of the "Find References" funcionality on the Plugins window. When executing this command, you will get a list of all the places in the solution where this function is used and can navigate to the function instance by double-clicking on the search result. It is also possible to run this command on services, types, or the whole plugin.

Fix bug: Recursion in custom types not working correctly

It is possible to create a recursive custom type in the designer by adding a property in the custom type that you are modifying to refer back to itself. As an example, think of a tree view that contains files and folders many levels deep. Linx already allowed you to create this type, but the recursion structure broke after a few levels.

Fix bug: Recursive structures did not load correctly

When you are for example importing a WSDL definition to call a SOAP web service and the result type of the method that you are calling contains a recursive structure, Linx would create and save the output structure correctly, but not be able to load it correctly.

Fix bug: Prevent drag/drop, copy/paste between solutions when correct plugins are not present

It was always possible to drag and drop or copy and paste items between different Linx designers or solutions. Since plugin references are saved per solution, it was possible for the user to copy an item (e.g. a CommandLine function) and paste it in a solution that did not have a reference to the Utilities plugin (where the CommandLine function is located). In this scenario, the designer would throw an unhandled exception.
In the new version, if the paste operation cannot proceed because of missing references, the designer will display an error dialog that lists all the missing references and cancel the paste operation. It is up to the user to install these missing plugins before attempting the paste operation again.

Fix bug: Stepping over a long-running function does not update the relevant debug actions

When stepping over a long-running function, e.g. a Sleep or CommandLine function, the actions on the debugging toolbar did not update correctly to reflect the current debugging status.

Fix bug: Installer launched from designer does not start

When a new version of the application is available, the designer will display a notification that when clicked, will close the designer and launch the installation. In some cases the designer did close successfully, but the installation did not launch.

Fix bug: Navigate to item from search not working

In some cases, trying to navigate to an item from the search results (by double-clicking on it) did not work correctly. This usually occurred in cases where the item was in a tree view where that specfic branch of the tree view has not been expanded yet.

Fix bug: Display dictionary values in debug window

Some functions, e.g. functions in the Google Sheets plugin return dictionary values. These values will now display correctly in the Debug Values window when debugging the process.

Various other GUI fixes, bugs and enhancements

Small fixes and GUI enhancements to ensure a better user experience.