Xero: Extract Customer Contacts And Email Results Daily

This sample extracts the name and account number for Xero Customers to a CSV file, attaches the file to an email and sends that email at a 9:00 AM, daily.

To run this example and get results, make sure you've set up a Company in Xero containing Contacts, Invoices and Bank transactions. The entire process is detailed in our Xero guide.

This Linx Solution uses the File, Xero and Utilities plugins.



To run this sample

  1. Create an application on your Xero account.
  2. Unzip the sample file and open the Lsoz file with Linx.
  3. Click on the Settings button in the Linx Designer toolbar.
  4. Change the Settings to reflect your file system, email and Xero information. (If you need help with the database connection string, have a look at this help topic.)
  5. Click the Debug button and Start the debug to run the Process.
  6. Enable the timer by deploying your solution to your server.