Xero: Write invoices to CSV

This sample reads product information from Xero and writes it to a CSV file.

To run this example and get results, make sure you’ve set up a Company in Xero containing Contacts, Invoices and Bank transactions. Refer to our Xero guide for instructions on connecting Linx and Xero.

This Linx Solution uses the File, Xero and Utilities plugins.



To run the sample

  1. Create an application on your Xero account.
  2. Unzip the sample file and open the Lsoz file with Linx.
  3. Click on the Settings button in the Linx Designer toolbar.
  4. Change the Settings to reflect your file system and Xero credentials.
  5. Open the XeroInvoicesToFile Process from the Solution Explorer pane on the left.
  6. Click the Debug button and Start the debug to run the Process.

Automate your solution: Add your process to a Timer Service

To automate this process, you need to:

  1. Add a Linx Service (from the Linx Designer toolbar) to your solution / project.
  2. Drag your process into the Timer Event (!). When the event fires, it will run your process.
  3. Set up the days / times when the event will fire in the Timer properties.
  4. Deploy the solution to a server.
  5. Browse to the server and Start the Timer Service.