Video Tutorials

These tutorial videos illustrate the principles used when building backend applications and automations with Linx
Information for specific plugins is under Reference (left-hand menu) on the Documentation page
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Functions (2:35)

Plugin functions make application development quicker and easier. Custom functions help to break complex operations into smaller parts.

Types (2:11)

Linx handles simple and complex types. Build your own complex type by creating collections of other types.

Services (2:20)

Linx Services are like Windows Services or Daemons. They contain event handlers and trigger Linx applications.

Plugins (2:12)

Plugins are code libraries that contain pre-written functions, types and services.

Control Flow (2:48)

Control flow statements, like DoWhile, ForEach, IfElse and TryCatch, are implemented as functions.

Debugging (2:11)

Debug any part your Linx solution from within the Linx Designer

Linx Server (0:54)

Linx Server hosts Linx Solutions created in the Linx Designer and runs all its services.

Expressions (1:32)

Function and type properties can be turned into expressions. They are created using variables and get resolved at runtime.

Settings (1:13)

Settings assist in managing environment-specific values like file paths and database connections.