About Us 

Linx was born in 2001 as an internal tool to do the migration and post-merger systems integration of two of the largest Asset Managers in Africa. In 2016, after more than a decade of growth in the South African financial services sector, we decided that Linx is ready for a larger audience and started to offer it to customers outside our traditional market. 

We’re experts at backend systems where the natural interface is the API and the moving parts are geared towards automation and integration. Right from the beginning, our founders envisaged a world where everything is automated and as the world moved from file APIs through sharing databases to HTTP APIs our experience grew with it. Linx encapsulates everything we’ve learnt over the last twenty years about building these automated systems with a low-code development environment.

Along the way we also noticed that once Linx enables people to quickly build the logic they have in mind, the next stumbling block becomes understanding and interfacing with systems they do not know. Here our experienced customer success team adds fantastic value in helping customers over unfamiliar hurdles.

Our enterprise customers are mostly in financial services and include banks, insurance companies and investment managers. SME customers are much more diverse and include sectors like retail, property management, media, professional services, non-profits, stockbrokers and software services.

 Our Clients 

Standard Bank
Alexander Forbes
Old Mutual
Summit county
RMB Private Bank
JP Morgan