About Us

Linx is an iPaaS platform that originated as an internal tool designed for system migration and post-merger integration for Africa’s largest Asset Managers. Today, our powerful solutions power deep integrations for hundreds of businesses worldwide, enabling them to streamline operations and achieve greater efficiency. We understand the importance of seamless integration solutions that can unlock new opportunities and help organisations achieve long-term success. Our mission is to offer businesses a simple and effective way to address complex integration challenges at scale.

With 20 years of experience in engineering backend systems, our expertise in integration helps us provide businesses with a flexible, secure, and efficient IT foundation that can adapt to change swiftly. Our iPaaS platform is more than just a tool – it is a means to assist you in delivering backend solutions that are custom-built, robust, and scalable, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition and achieve the results that matter most.

Linx has allowed our business to create flexible, standardised solutions, enabling us to work more efficiently and reduce risk.

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Our Clients

Standard Bank
Old Mutual
Summit county
Alexander Forbes
RMB Private Bank
JP morgan