Application Integration

System integration is multifaceted and can be approached through different architectural models, depending on the number and nature of components that need to be connected. Linx automates business processes by linking applications across an organization. It’s flexibility allows everything from simple data synchronization to complex integrations touching multiple systems.

What you can do with Linx

  • Ingest data from, and deliver to, APIs, databases, queues, and files.
  • Transform and convert data between different formats.
  • Link applications real-time, scheduled, or on-demand.
  • Host APIs.

Common integration solutions

  • Move data between different data sources.
  • Merge and transform data hailing from multiple data sources into a single API response.
  • Create APIs to access and integrate legacy systems or systems with no APIs.
  • Automate business processes touching different systems and users.

The developer experience

  • Develop at speed with a low-code IDE.
  • Implement any application integration architecture (EAI, ESB, point-to-point).
  • Apply standard software development principles and practices.
  • Use plugins to quickly build APIs, data synchronisations, or other background services.

Accessing legacy systems

Legacy systems usually do not have modern APIs to interact with, so getting data in and out can be problematic. Linx can provide a modern API façade on top of legacy systems to enable others to interact with the system.

Legacy system access


Two systems may not have a way to communicate with each other, resulting in the manual capturing of data and the related inefficiencies. Linx can create custom middleware to automate this exchange of information.


Complex system integrations

Not all integrations have simple, point-to-point solutions. Some integrations require data from multiple systems, a place to keep custom data, complex logic, and even user interaction. Linx excels at quickly building custom solutions for these kinds of problems.

Solve system complexity at speed

Streamline your capability to build and deploy complex data solutions. Our unified platform delivers the flexibility to rapidly implement innovation and business agility to a wide range of SaaS apps, cloud platforms, collaboration tools, data streams, and digital assets.