Data Migration

Migrating data across 10 African countries without disrupting business operations

Organisations all over the globe are faced with immense pressure from their customers to match innovative financial services that competitor businesses offer. Legacy IT infrastructure and mainframe applications are not agile and flexible enough to build the innovative services their customers demand in today’s competitive environment.

To remain competitive and relevant, organisations need to migrate data from multiple applications and old legacy infrastructure to new technology platforms. However, many organisations delay migration projects, fearing that there will be massive and costly undertakings. Worse, many in-house migration efforts will fail or result in only a partial migration due to a lack of resources and focus.

The Challenge

The customer’s concern was that running multiple systems and sources led to a ‘swivel chair problem’, slowing internal operations and impacting the customer experience. They needed to migrate from disparate systems to a single integrated platform with a single view to support efficiency, customer experience, and service. A modern integrated platform would also allow the customer to launch new products and go to market faster.

The migration needed to occur without disrupting the business operations and its clients. The project required an ETL tool to migrate the data from the source systems to the target platform. An existing license for MS SSIS was already in place at the client and was the migration tool of choice for this project.

Migrating the data from multiple source systems to one came with technical and human challenges. Technically, data from two sources must be cleaned, formatted, and standardised into a single platform.

The Solution

As organisations migrate from legacy to modern applications, data migration is a critical success factor in driving future innovation. Linx offered the client the best of both worlds—a comprehensive data migration platform backed by insight from two decades of experience. We worked with the customer to customise their requirements, including hands-on guidance to deliver a solution that ensures the source and target platforms work and the relationship between the data and the business processes.

The Result

Linx’s capability to create a multi-source data migration solution gave the client an end-to-end automated migration and reconciliation solution. It was flexible enough to allow for the customisation required to deliver the specific strategic goals, on time and within budget.

This successful migration helped the client achieve its target of moving to a single modern application with minimal disruption. The improvement in operations has been dramatic, with streamlined reporting and day-to-day operations time cut in half, thanks to the integration of systems.

Two legacy systems, with over 10 million cases were successfully migrated in under 20 hours, with minimal impact on operations.

Linx + Data Migration

Simplifying data migrations is no easy task. Gartner research predicts, “83% of data migration projects either fail or exceed their budgets and schedules”. Linx is a comprehensive iPaaS platform built on two decades of industry-leading data migration expertise.  The platform allows for remarkable flexibility in adapting to an ever-evolving data landscape, allowing you to confidently address your data needs to remain agile, accurate and responsive, even in today’s fast-paced environment.