Data automation 

A common problem for large organisations is large amounts of data in a high-traffic setting. Linx provides more than just the conventional job schedulers (such as Windows Task Scheduler and Cron) with additional features and capabilities, allowing you to automate a variety of tasks and to collate those tasks into a sequence of longer-term operations.

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What you can do with Linx

  • Extract data and create data artifacts such as files.
  • Use a wide variety of data transfer options.
  • Schedule or trigger the transfer of files over networks.
  • Interact with any files via file management and FTP functionality.
  • Flexibly migrate data from any source to any target.

Common data transfer solutions

  • Move files between file servers, FTP servers, and cloud storage.
  • Integrate applications and data between local resources and cloud.
  • Migrate data between different database technologies.
  • High volume processing.

The developer experience

  • Trigger or schedule files using Timer, Chron or Directory Watch.
  • Multiple data transfer options (email, FTP, or message queues).
  • Direct data transfer from database to database.
  • Transfer options can be added in functions that can be kicked off by specific events or timers that operate on a schedule.
  • Extract data and create data artifacts such as files.
  • Advanced FTP functionality (file movement, directory management, FTP download /upload).

Extracting data and making it available via FTP

A simple example of automating data transfers is that data can be extracted from a database into a CSV file. The CSV can be fully configured in Linx to ensure exact requirements are met. Once created, the file is copied to a FTP server. This can all be done on a schedule, such as a specified time and date, on repeat. This process can be built, automated and hosted with Linx in minutes.

automate data transfers

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