Microservice or API layer creation

Linx makes building and hosting APIs a breeze through a rich low-code environment that can do anything from CRUD on a database to complex business process logic.

Using a low-code platform to develop an API shifts the focus from the technical ability and nuances required for a specific framework to ensuring that the business and logic operate as expected.

What you can do with Linx

  • Build, host, and consume APIs.
  • Expose API documentation.
  • Implement common security standards.
  • Support any logic using low-code.

Common API solutions

  • Backend for frontend.
  • An API for vendors or customers.
  • Endpoints for webhooks.
  • A layer on top of a database.
  • Microservices.

The developer experience

  • Create APIs via an API wizard for quick code-first implementation.
  • Build APIs using code-first or design-first (OpenAPI specification).
  • Auto-documentation of the API (Swagger or Redocly).
  • Host on-premise or cloud.
  • Reusable components for faster microservices implementation.
  • Wide variety of security and authentication options.

API development

As a low-code platform, Linx shifts the focus from the technical ability and nuances required for a specific framework to ensuring that the business and logic operate as expected.

Designed for versatility and speed, Linx not only reduces the complexity of the building but makes deployment easy, including features such as logging and metrics.

Features include;

  • Design and implement your bespoke functionality using no code,
  • Implement your API using custom logic and any combination of data sources.
  • Faster iteration and testing via powerful debugging features.
  • Deploy directly from the Linx IDE for instantaneous hosting.
  • Built-in API management, metrics and monitoring.
  • Auto-generated documentation.
  • Customise your architecture to maximize security and compliance.
api development

Import Open API 3.0 Specification
Import your own OpenAPI definitions to automatically create your REST API structure.

  • Open API definition import & configuration.
  • Multiple authentications schemes support.
  • Auto create endpoints to implement.

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Create your own definition
Define and configure your API using our intuitive, drag-and-drop wizard. No definition coding is required.

  • Configure via API wizard.
  • Authentication supported.
  • Auto create endpoints to implement.

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Solving complexity

An API should be simple for the user of the API but can be very complex to implement, especially where the underlying data is distributed across different systems. Linx is designed to handle complexity. A single API can serve data from multiple different sources and implement complex logic.

Backend for Frontend (BFF)

Linx has all the tools for building a fast backend.

  • Auto generate endpoints from OpenAPI, or
  • Specify the endpoints in low-code.
  • Auto generate documentation for the frontend developers.
  • Implement any logic in the backend.
  • Access any data source in the backend.
  • Select from a variety of security and authentication mechanisms.
  • Debug and test using the powerful low-code development environment.

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Solve system complexity at speed

Streamline your capability to build and deploy complex data solutions. Our unified platform delivers the flexibility to rapidly implement innovation and business agility to a wide range of SaaS apps, cloud platforms, collaboration tools, data streams, and digital assets.