Business Intelligence

Project Management Analysis for a Software Project

A leading South African bank required a solution to deliver consistent data delivery for their BI dashboards.

The Challenge

One of South Africa’s largest banks has been working on a new project to develop a new online platform. They want to analyse their project data to identify areas where they can improve project performance. They want to create dashboards that can display metrics such as projected timelines, budget and resource allocation, as well as identify areas where they can produce project delays and cost overruns. The bank uses a project management tool to track project data such as timelines, milestones, budget resources and deliverables. They also use a software development tool to manage the coding and testing of the application. The tools generate data in various formats including CVS and JSON.

The Solution

The bank has implemented a Power BI solution to create dashboards that display project data visually and interactively. The implementation process involves the following steps:

  • Data Preparation: Collect the data from the bank’s project management tool. The data need to be cleaned and transformed to create a data model that can be used in Power BI.
  • Dashboard Design: The bank needs a dashboard that displays key project metrics such as project timeline, budget, resource allocation, and deliverables. They also include visualizations that show the status of individual tasks and highlight any delays or risks.
  • System Integration: Integrating the Power BI dashboard with the bank’s project management tools. This allows them to automatically update the dashboard with the latest project data in real-time.
  • Reporting: The Power BI dashboard generates reports for the bank. These reports provide a clear and concise overview of project progress and highlight any issues or risks.
The Result

The Power BI implementation has allowed the bank to gain better insights into their project data and make data-driven decisions to improve project performance. The bank used Linx to access, transform and deliver the data pipelines. Linx provided a reliable and robust bridge between the bank’s multiple systems (legacy, on-premise, other) to generate consistent files for consumption. The dashboard has provided a real-time view of project progress and has helped the bank to identify and address issues more quickly. The reports generated from the dashboard have also improved communication with various vendors and other stakeholders.

Linx + Business Intelligence

Often, data is complex or disorganised, making it difficult and tedious to extract helpful information from data and create insightful reports. Linx is a powerful platform to bridge data gaps in data-driven projects. The combination of low-code developments, deep solution flexibility, and self-service deployment empowers your team with the capability and confidence to rapidly implement and deliver reliable, robust and easily-maintainable business intelligence solutions to meet your data-driven needs.

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