Why Linx

Experience 20 years of product design focused on delivering business solutions


Conquer complexity at every turn

Rapidly create APIs with our drag-and-drop IDE.

Our low-code technology is based on a programming paradigm that allows far more flexibility than the traditional workflow-driven platforms. This unique approach provides the ability to quickly develop and deploy complex solutions without hitting limitations imposed by the tool.

  • Database, file and system agnostic.
  • Build with code-like visualisations and patterns.
  • Re-use what you build.


Experience the fastest time to market for custom integration

Rapidly create APIs with our drag-and-drop IDE.

With an intuitive low-code interface, effortless 1-click deployment, and endless flexibility, no platform beats Linx for speed in building and deploying custom integrations and APIs.

  • Use OpenAPI and BPMN designs to jumpstart solutions.
  • Connect with any system.
  • Built-in observability and metrics.

Hands-on support

Our experience helps you succeed

Rapidly create APIs with our drag-and-drop IDE.

We are more than just a platform. We’re a partner with years of experience in custom integration and business process automation. Our expertise is yours.

  • Support from integration experts.
  • 20+ years of enterprise-proven solutions and expertise.
  • In-person training and collaboration.

Open the door to a powerful mix of technology, capability and people