Linx Pricing: Straightforward pricing to automate your business.

Linx pricing is based on how many solutions you have deployed, not the complexity of your processes or number of developers. With a free Designer, our per-solution pricing model enables an unrestricted development process and a predictable budget.


$Free forever
Desktop application

Drag-and-drop desktop design for fast, low-code development.


Linx Server
From $149 per month
On-premise hosting

Deploy automated business processes and web services.


Additional Solutions & Servers
Priced per solution

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Premium Support
  $99 per month

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Additional Services
Talk to us to find out more

Custom Development
Are you pressed for time? We have the know-how, skills and experience to build your solution for you.

Custom Deployment
Do you have a unique situation or constrained by your organisational architecture? Let us help you achieve your goal. 

Pricing FAQs


Is the Designer really free?
Yes, free is completely free. There are no hidden costs, no commitment and no credit card required. You can simply sign-up and get started immediately.

What is included with the Designer?
Downloading Linx will give you the latest, full version of the Linx Designer including all Plugins. This includes everything you need to design, build and deploy prototypes or small applications.


What is this a Linx Server?
The Linx Server runs as a Windows Service to host and manage Linx Solutions created in the Designer.

Where is the Linx Server hosted?
You install Linx Server on the hardware of your choice, in your own data centre or in your own cloud account.

Do you have a cloud server?
Cloud servers are available on request and additional charges may apply. Contact us for more information.


Do you provide customer support?
In addition to our community and online help, we offer all our customers access to email support. 

What is Premium Support?
Consider upgrading to the Premium Support for enhanced technical support, assistance in building applications and above all, peace of mind. Our Premium Support offers a dedicated phone number and account manager to handle all your requests. 

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