Welcome to the iPaaS reimagined

The complete backend platform to fill the gaps between core systems

Integrate any system

Unlock the power of connected systems.

Rapidly create APIs with our drag-and-drop IDE.

Radically accelerate developer productivity, and empower your team to deliver integrations at speed.

  • Visual abstractions for programming concepts.
  • Highly configurable general connectors.
  • Unrivalled development flexibility.

Empower everyone with data

Use data from anywhere, in any format.

Rapidly create APIs with our drag-and-drop IDE.

Expose your data in APIs, embed it in Excel or PDFs, or sync it between databases. We’ll get your data to where you need it most.

  • Ingest data from external data sources using APIs, databases, files, and message queues.
  • Use data to update databases, generate files, update message queues, or inform any other business process.
  • Access or deliver data in real-time or on a schedule.

Build & host APIs

Experience the fastest way to go from API design to production. Period.

Rapidly create APIs with our drag-and-drop IDE.

Put APIs in front of legacy systems, expose APIs to partners, or create functionality missing in your core systems.

  • Generate APIs from OpenAPI specifications.
  • Implement custom logic with low-code.
  • Built-in documentation, monitoring, and metrics.

Process automation

Automate the most complex business processes.

Rapidly create APIs with our drag-and-drop IDE.

Quickly roll out new automated business processes or transform high-touch, error-prone business processes into streamlined automations.

  • Simplified BPMN designer.
  • Low-code, visual implementation of business logic.
  • Connect to anything with plugins supporting industry standards.

Deploy anywhere

Run your integrations and APIs where you need them.

Rapidly create APIs with our drag-and-drop IDE.

Linx is designed to operate seamlessly on-premise, in the cloud, or both, providing the flexibility to meet the requirements of your business.

  • 99.99% uptime for cloud, backed by Azure.
  • One-click deployment.
  • Built-in observability and performance metrics.

Core Integration Capabilities

Linx is the complete integration toolkit to deliver a modern, connected business

Application Integration

A low-code platform to connect every application.

API development

APIs & Microservice Development

Build, host, and operate bespoke APIs and microservices.

Process Automation

Automate your business with visual design and build tools.

Data Integration

Make any data actionable.