Backend Applications at Breathtaking Speed

For APIs, Web applications and automations

Application development could not be easier. Linx is a complete suite of services to develop and run custom backend applications. With powerful no-code programming functions, out-of-the-box integrations and intuitive development workflow, you can build your backend faster than ever before. 

Fast application design Innovate with speed

Build backend applications incredibly fast with our high-productivity drag and drop designer and a dedicated hosting environment to deploy and manage your apps. 

Build in Low-code

Build and deploy powerful backend applications in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional hand-coding. Whether you have an immediate need or require a working prototype, application development in Linx lets you build and execute your idea without the need to write complex code.

Host with 1-click Deployment

Enjoy an effortless deployment experience and go from development to production  in seconds. Design, test, tweak and release your application directly from our IDE, in the cloud or on-premise, without the worry of infrastructure, maintenance and upkeep.

Integrate systemsIntegrate anything, everywhere

Solve your integration needs by connecting your line-of-business systems, code-free. Integrate with virtually any business system, database, API or file.

Connect Your Systems

CRM, ERP, finance, HR, inventory, manufacturing or logistics. Connect them with Linx and see your productivity and efficiency soar.

Connect Your Business Partners

Build your own API to help your business partners trade with you. Or consume their APIs. With Linx you can do both.

Connect with Linx

Use our generic (Rest, Soap, Text, Json, Xml) drag-and-drop functions to connect to anything. Go even faster with specialist plugins (AWS, Google, Xero, etc) for an ever-growing range of APIs, formats and protocols.

low-code application design
  • Prebuilt drag and drop connections 
  • Design, create and call microservices and APIs directly from your application
  • Easily create and reuse custom integration components or business logic
  • Synchronize, update and store data in real time
  • Easily leverage external data, functions and services in your applications
  • Orchestrate data across your systems with workflow and business logic

IT agilityFlexibility.  For business and IT

Whether your application development needs are simple or complex, our platform provides genuine agility and flexibility in extending your existing applications, systems and tools. 

custom application design

Create custom applications without coding or compromise

Build applications that are unique to your business. Whether you are breaking up tasks into simple automated applications or eliminating the pain points associated with legacy systems, you can enjoy unrestrained development flexibility from design to production.

  • Build uniquely customised applications to suit your business and systems
  • Accelerate time-to-market for new ideas and prototypes
  • Extend and reuse functionality to meet new business needs in record time

Our platform. Your systems.

Effortlessly connect your business, customers and partners without disruption or changes to your current IT architecture. With no need to worry about the underlying complexities, you can design applications that leverage your existing systems and cloud services to deliver rapid innovation in your business. 

  • Unshackle and extend your existing systems 
  • Easily create an endpoint publishing/exposing data from multiple systems
  • Incorporate databases, message queues and third-party services
application integration
application hosting

Instant deployment your way

Our cloud or your datacenter, you choose the environment that best supports your business requirements. Directly deploy your application from our IDE to your choice of on-premise server or your custom-architected cloud environment.

  • Deploy directly from the Linx Designer
  • Run in the cloud or your own datacenter without any additional costs or provisioning time
  • Manage & monitor your application through our easy-to-use web-based dashboard.
  • Enjoy enterprise-proven security provided by Azure

Trusted by IT professionals

"Linx is good low code tool to develop applications & web services. It greatly simplifies & improves the speed of development and deployment of new applications."

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