Application Development for the IT Pro

Rapidly build & host custom APIs & automated processes - in low code


low-code development What you can do with Linx

Integrate Systems

Instantly connect your line-of-business systems, databases and file systems, on-premise or in the cloud - with speed and ease.

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Build APIs

Build and host your own APIs. Visually create APIs and microservices using data from your databases, services or other data sources.

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Automate Everything

Effortlessly automate backend processes - from generating reports and sending emails to orchestrating complex business processes.

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Backend applicationsHigh-performance business applications in low-code

Build Visually

No boiler plate code. No syntax. Just 1000s of enterprise-proven drag-and-drop programming functions and services to rapidly deliver modern backend applications and web services.

Do More With Less

Use complex technologies and integrate with a wide range of APIs and services with no need for deep knowledge or expertise of a specific language or framework.

Fast to the Finish

Revel in quick iterative development by combining large pieces of functionality in minutes. Stay in control with our granular, process level debugger.

Your Database. Your Files. Your Systems

Unleash what you already own to produce powerful and scalable business processes using your existing systems, services and architecture.  Just add the business logic.

Instant Setup

Dive right into our Desktop IDE.  Our one-step installation and small footprint lets you get to work right away.

Host On-premise or in the Cloud

Deploy and host your completed application with one click. Ensure that your apps run at peak performance with complete application management, security and monitoring as standard.

Trusted by IT prosTrusted by IT professionals

JerryJerryDirector, 911 Colorado
Linx has provided the integration we need with our most critical public safety systems. With Linx’s integration, 911 dispatchers can concentrate on the emergency at hand while Linx does the heavy lifting in the background.
PaulPaulDirector, Knadel Investments
An excellent tool to automate the collection of data from multiple sources, transform it, and deliver the results to multiple target systems.
BrendonBrendonTechnical Director, Mediahost
With no dependency on code, we're able to translate complex concepts and logic into rock-solid services with unparalleled ease and speed.
MarcMarcHead of Software, Digiata
The ease of use is un-matched. We easily whip together automated routine tasks. What would have taken hours in code in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes.
Clients and customers

The fastest way to build & host custom backend applications & web services

Integrate systems & databases    Automate tasks and workflows    Create & host APIs    Mobile backends (MBaaS)

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