The Linx Application Cloud: Application management without the headache

A fully-managed, secure, and highly available platform to streamline your application deployment. The Linx Application Cloud enables you to focus on creating powerful business processes using a secure cloud environment instead of worrying about infrastructure maintenance and upkeep.

Linx Application Cloud

Design to Host in Minutes

The Linx Application Cloud is your own virtual machine running Windows Server 2019 and includes

  • Hosted Linx Application Server 
  • 1Gb online SQL database
  • 32Gb disk storage and file system
  • Enterprise-proven security
  • Anytime, any component upgrades

Backend without the backache

Highly Secure

Highly Secure

Leverage out-of-the-box cloud security and compliance

The Linx Application Cloud has been carefully architected with your security in mind. It provides a layer of automation and management that leverages the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Azure to ensure that your application and web services run seamlessly.


Cost Efficient

Faster app delivery and improved agility at a lower cost

Avoid acquiring or operating hardware by using our leading cloud infrastructure. With no hardware investments required to install, the Linx Application Cloud allows you to quickly deploy process-focused applications, from start to finish, that deliver significant business benefits, without any upfront costs and minimal provisioning time.

Flexible Settings

Fast & Flexible

Simplified IT management and maintenance capabilities

Always build on the latest version of the cloud. With platform updates rolled out with no down time, the Linx Application Cloud offers a completely managed end-to-end deployment environment, allowing you to manage your application performance, without concern for updates, downtime or access.

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