Amazon Simple Storage Service‎ - AWS S3

Build buckets for business, quickly! Combine low code web-scale computing and sophisticated process development with drag and drop access to Amazon's Simple Storage Service 

Key Features 

  • Easy drag and drop access to Amazon's powerful S3 functions
  • Integrate or sync AWS with other third party APIs, databases or systems
  • Rapidly build automated processes that interact with S3 storage buckets
  • Move data between buckets, or create custom data from databases
  • Create a database to integrate data in buckets
  • Manage bucket properties and disable where needed

Additional Resources


Automated file backups to S3

Create a service that will automatically back up a file to Amazon S3 if the file is located in a specified directory and if any changes are made to the file. Read more

WATCH: Uploading an object in S3

Amazon S3

Integrate and automate your Amazon S3 Storage with 100s of other applications or services

High performance, drag and drop functions designed to boost your productivity. Connect S3 with cloud and on-premises data sources such as Web Services, SQL databases, MongoDB, JSON, XML, CSV, Excel and many more.

Plugin Functions

Function Tagging Upload Policy Configuration
putbucket putobjecttag uploadpart putbucketpolicy putcorsconfiguration
deletebucket putbuckettag listmultipartuploads getbucketpolicy getcorsconfiguration
copypart deletebuckettag abortmultipartupload deletebucketpolicy deletecorsconfiguration
getpresignedurl putobjecttagging initiatemultipartupload   getlifecycleconfiguration
getbucketlocation getobjecttagging completemultipartupload RequestPayment putlifecycleconfiguration
  getbuckettagging   putbucketrequestpayment deletelifecycleconfiguration
List putbuckettagging Notification getbucketrequestpayment putbucketmetricsconfiguration
listparts deletebuckettagging putbucketnotification   getbucketmetricsconfiguration
listobjects deleteobjecttagging getbucketnotification Website listbucketmetricsconfigurations
listbuckets     getbucketwebsite getbucketanalyticsconfiguration
listversions Objects Versioning putbucketwebsite putbucketanalyticsconfiguration
listobjectversions getobject getbucketversioning deletebucketwebsite listbucketanalyticsconfigurations
  putobject putbucketversioning   deletebucketanalyticsconfiguration
Logging copyobject   Replication putbucketinventoryconfiguration
putbucketlogging deleteobject Acl putbucketreplication getbucketinventoryconfiguration
getbucketlogging deleteobjects putacl getbucketreplication listbucketinventoryconfigurations
  restoreobject getacl deletebucketreplication deletebucketinventoryconfiguration
  deleteobjecttag     getbucketaccelerateconfiguration
  getobjectmetadata     deletebucketmetricsconfiguration

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