Amazon Simple Queue Service‎ - AWS SQS

Simple low code development for message queues. Listen and post to Amazon's message queue and automate reactions using low code programming

Key Features 

  • Easy drag and drop access to Amazon's SQS function
  • Use low-code programming to decouple and scale micro-services, distributed systems and applications
  • Integrate or sync AWS with other third party APIs, databases or systems
  • Create processes and automate workflows based on queue settings

Additional Resources


Integrate Amazon Queues with 100s of other applications or services

High performance, drag and drop functions designed to boost your productivity. Connect and add AWS Queues to cloud and on-premises data sources such as Web Services, SQL databases, MongoDB, JSON, XML, CSV, Excel and many more.

Plugin Functions

Queues Messages Permissions
ListQueues SendMessage AddPermission
CreateQueue ReceiveMessage RemovePermission
DeleteQueue DeleteMessage AuthorizeS3ToSendMessage
GetQueueAttributes SendMessageBatch
SetQueueAttributes DeleteMessageBatch
GetQueueUrl ChangeMessageVisibility
PurgeQueue ChangeMessageVisibilityBatch

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