A Comprehensive Backend Tool Kit for Modern APIs

Linx offers a complete suite of services that span the development of custom backend layers, optimization of existing backend systems and migration to cloud, empowering their extensibility and performance.

Low-code Development

web service

Plug-and-play Integration

Deploy anywhere
Run anywhere

Sql database
Deep Database Support

Rock-solid Secuirty

Programming functions
Enhanced Business Logic

Reporting dashoboard
Logging & Reporting

Designed for IT pros

Building an API takes much more than just programming a server. Linx allows allows developers to easily build, integrate and consume APIs. With Linx you can easily connect and orchestrate data across any combination of APIs, on-premise applications or cloud-based platform as a service (iPaas) solutions.

  • OpenAPI based definition for REST APIs
  • Access any data source including Azure, MS SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Swagger, Postgres, Oracle etc
  • Use powerful routing and transformation tools
  • Support API usage across multiple scenarios
  • Integrate third-party services or APIs into your app
  • Define flows and choose your own architectural style
  • Easily use pre-built APIs tools for AWS and Xero
  • Create fine-grained microservices as APIs or decompose existing APIs into microservices

Low-code APIs and microservices. Fast.


Assemble APIs, models, and connectors to access data with ease.

All data accessed as JSON or XML.

Compose or decompose existing APIs into microservices.


Real-time debugging.

Easily troubleshoot with step-by-step execution for each request.

Update APIs with minimal impact to integrated systems.


Flexible deployment options including public cloud, dedicated virtual private cloud or on-premise.

Easily scale infrastructure as you need.



Build powerful APIs without writing a single line of code

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