Linx as a BaaS: A comprehensive backend tool kit for modern APIs

Linx offers a complete suite of services that span the development of custom backend layers, optimization of existing backend systems and migration to cloud, empowering their extensibility and performance. Use Linx to quickly collect, query and orchestrate data across a combination of sources, APIs, on-premise applications or cloud-based platforms.

Low-code Development

web service

Plug-and-play Integration

Deploy anywhere
Run anywhere

Sql database
Deep Database Support

Rock-solid Secuirty

Programming functions
Enhanced Business Logic

Reporting dashoboard
Logging & Reporting

Designed for IT pros

Building an API takes much more than just programming a server. Linx allows developers to easily build, integrate and consume APIs. With Linx you can easily connect and orchestrate data across any combination of APIs, on-premise applications or cloud-based platform as a service (iPaas) solutions.

  • OpenAPI based definition for REST APIs
  • Access any data source including Azure, MS SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Swagger, Postgres, Oracle etc
  • Use powerful routing and transformation tools
  • Support API usage across multiple scenarios
  • Integrate third-party services or APIs into your app
  • Define flows and choose your own architectural style
  • Easily use pre-built APIs tools for AWS and Xero
  • Create fine-grained microservices as APIs or decompose existing APIs into microservices

Low-code APIs and microservices. Fast.


Assemble APIs, models, and connectors to access data with ease.

All data accessed as JSON or XML.

Compose or decompose existing APIs into microservices.


Real-time debugging.

Easily troubleshoot with step-by-step execution for each request.

Update APIs with minimal impact to integrated systems.


Flexible deployment options including public cloud, dedicated virtual private cloud or on-premise.

Easily scale infrastructure as you need.


Backend without the backache

Modernise traditional back end development with a low code solution. Use Linx to connect software, applications, databases, and services together seamlessly, including file storage, security and encryption, databases, email, and web services.

WATCH: Build a web service in 3 minutes

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