May 22 Newsletter

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OAuth2 Authentication Guide

OAuth2 enables third-party applications, such as a Linx Solution, to obtain access to protected resources (e.g. account details, documents, etc) from a host (e.g. Microsoft, Facebook, GitHub, etc.), with a user’s permission. This is achieved by orchestrating an approval interaction between the resource owner, the host and the third-party application. Our OAuth2 Guide will show you how.

Linx v6 is out
The latest version of Linx has been released with several new and exciting features, including a new dark mode, a streamlined UI, and a new diffable file format. We’ve also made significant changes under the hood to make rolling out new versions of solution dependencies and plugins easier. Try the new Linx Designer here


What We’re Reading

EMV chip technology: Did you know your wallet has a mini-computer inside it running mini-applications that securely process transactions during point-of-sale?

GitHub will require all users who contribute code on to enable one or more forms of two-factor authentication (2FA) by the end of 2023.

Watch the full uncut version of Microsoft Windows 95 launch. Hosted by Jay Leno, you can roll back the years to Internet Explorer v1.0, the MSN website and Steve Ballmer’s “Developers!” in all its glory.

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