The Data Integration Platform for Business Intelligence

A single platform to conquer your data demands

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Your BI solutions deserve better than makeshift ETL pipelines built on complex code maintenance, emailing CSVs, manual FTPs, and chasing DevOps.

Build rock-solid APIs. Deploy them too.

Simplify data sharing, at speed, independent of DevOps.

Radically transform ETL productivity with rock-solid data APIs – 10x faster.

    • Build APIs on your existing platforms.
    • Create custom APIs or automatically generate API endpoints from OpenAPI specifications.
    • Implement custom logic with low-code.
    • Automatically generate documentation.
    • Deploy to production with 1-click.
    • Host on-premise or in the cloud, with built-in observability and metrics.
    • Watch how we do it

Concrete your data connectivity. Forever.

Access, manage and standardize your data. 

Connect the data you need – from wherever it lives –  to create robust, stable and maintainable ETL pipelines and workflows.

    • Create data solutions using data from your existing systems, applications, databases and integrations.
    •  Access any database – MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Mongo.
    • Work with any data type, structure, or schema.
    • Create and reuse connections across multiple solutions.
    • Visually implement complex business logic, data management rules, automated triggers, and custom workflows.

Work fast. Without fear of complexity.

Eliminate code maintenance to scale solutions for evolving business needs.

Enhance data efficiency and precision without the drag of managing multiple software solutions or IT delays.

    • Cover your entire data landscape: ETL, workflow automation, and business processes, with one platform.
    • Never hit a data wall, regardless of the complexity or intricacy of data location, velocity, accuracy, structure, and format.
    • Quickly craft ad-hoc reports, automations and rapid prototypes using data from linked disparate tools and processes.
    • Maintain solution continuity with standardised capabilities for modifying, scaling, maintaining, and deploying BI solutions.

Deliver consistent data for your BI dashboards.

Access, flexibility and speed to power the modern BI workflow.