TWENTY57 Cookie Policy


This policy explains how Linx and our third party service providers and partners use cookies and related technologies like web beacons to collect and store information. This cookie policy applies to all Linx services.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file sent from a website and stored on a user’s computer by the web browser. Cookies were created as a reliable way for websites to remember the state of a user’s browsing session and used to store small pieces of additional data. For example, cookies allow websites to track whether or not a user is logged in and to identify that user across the various pages of the website as they browse.


What types of cookies and similar technologies does Linx use?

We use persistent and session-based cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies.  We use persistent cookies to help recognize you when you return as an existing user and to allow you to use our services without logging in again. We store a persistent cookie on your browser when you use and log into our service. Then when you return to our service, we read the data within the cookie file to remember who you are. Session cookies only last as long as your session (e.g until you close your browser window, or expire automatically after a set amount of time) and are typically used to store basic data during your browsing experience (e.g. the project ID you are viewing). We use web beacons (tracking pixels) and similar technologies to learn if an email has been opened and we may use them to present you with advertising relevant to your interests.

How are cookies used on Linx?

  • To provide critical functionality:  We use cookies to provide important functionality, for example, to remember that you have logged in.
  • To improve your experience: We use cookies to improve and personalize your experience (e.g., remember what project you are viewing or to improve the page loading speed when using our service).
  • For analytics:  We use cookies to allow us to analyze usage of our Service (e.g. where users arrive or end their browsing session) and to track marketing efforts and improve the user experience.
  • Support: We integrate with customer support tools that use cookies to provide important functionality and provide users with a better experience.
  • Social media: We integrate with social media companies (e.g. Facebook, Google) to provide functionality on our Service (e.g. login with Facebook). These social network use cookies to enable functionality and record information and may use this information for advertising functions.
  • Advertising:  Advertising cookies help serve you relevant ads more effectively based on your browsing history. These cookies track the websites you visit and may share that information with other advertising companies. For example, we may use Google Adwords service to help us serve ads to potential customers when they browse online, after they have first visited Linx.

Controlling and opting-out of cookies

Most web browsers allow you to control the cookie settings and you can choose to stop accepting cookies or require that the browser prompt you to approve and accept cookies manually from websites you visit. If you choose not to accept cookies from our Service, you may not be able to use important functionality and some cookies are required for you to use the Service (e.g. those used to provide critical functionality like logins).

You may be able to opt out of receiving personalized advertisements from other companies. Please review the “Opt out of communications” section within our Privacy Policy to learn more about your choices for opting out of promotional communications and advertising.

Consult the documentation from your favorite browser manufacture to learn how to stop or disable cookies. We have compiled some links for common browser manufacturers below:

If you have any questions about our use of cookies or other technologies, please email us at or by post to

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