Code Without Coding

A low-code development tool to connect, integrate and deploy - from the simple to the sophisticated - without a single line of code

Windows logo Windows 7 and above

Robust Process Automation. Fast.

Reliable and scalable to deliver integrated, mission-critical process automation at unparalleled speed

Fast Track Custom Development

Easily develop processes with technically complex tasks and multiple steps

Drag and Drop Desktop Designer

A visual development tool to create complex workflows without any coding

Powerful. Flexible. Connected

Connect and use nearly any database, system or file format

Design, Build & Manage APIs

Build and configure your own API or expose existing assets as services

Linx Designer Plugins

Powerful Out-of-the-box Integration

From AWS to ZIP,  we have all the pre-built plugins you need for lightning fast development. Simply just drag and drop the elements you need and modify the properties.

Event Driven Processing

Not everything happens on a schedule. Automate workflows and trigger events with timers, email, message queues or watch for directory events to launch a task in response. Go further and expose a web service with the speed of a click.

Deploy To Automate

Run as a service, the Linx Server is a powerful automated work-engine that fires business-critical workflows and processes defined in your solution. 

We Know Development

Built for C# developers with proven reliability, security and scalability 

Linx customers

Build powerful, process-orientated business automations without writing a single line of code

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