Digital transformation

How do you enact digital transformation?

Digital transformation is at the heart of most business strategies today. This means that if your business isn’t already following a digital transformation roadmap, it will be soon.

In fact, according to research conducted in Europe by the IDC in 2016, more than 70% of CIOs see their role as shifting from that of an operational officer to a digital transformation (DX) officer or agent of innovation. More than 50% will increase their IT budgets this year to reflect the need for DX spending.

Smaller is better when it comes to transformation

Unfortunately, digital transformation often comes loaded with big ideas and unrealistic time frames. Enacting company-wide change is a big and complex undertaking, which means that you need to break it down and tread carefully.

There is only so much change that a business can deal with at a time. If you take on too much and try to rush, you will stall and fail. Successful change management requires early wins, and company-wide buy-in, all of which require small chunks of change.


Where’s a good place to start?

There are several small changes your business can make quickly and easily. These changes will not only increase productivity and agility – the main goals of digital transformation – but they will set the tone for change and provide quick wins to convince people that change will be good.

Using a low-code development tool like Linx software to speed up and simplify the process. Automating routine or mundane processes is a good place to start. Think about small processes that seem simple but are difficult due to your current infrastructure:

  • Perhaps there’s something simple that requires custom development, making it too costly or time-consuming for your busy IT team to complete. How could you use Linx software to create code quickly?
  • Maybe you need to collect data from various sources, or have implemented a new solution that requires data from another source. Linx offers powerful data migration functions.
  • Maybe you’re simply tired of spending time repeating routine tasks like copying files. Linx software is handy when automating these simple tasks.

Once you have identified the tasks you’d like to automate, you can begin to break each process down. It’s just like eating an elephant. One bite at a time:

  1. Always automate the smallest tasks with the greatest potential value (i.e. what’s going to give you the best ROI?)
  2. First show value, then move on. Work in a methodical manner, with small wins along the way
  3. Aim to release new small improvements regularly, rather than building big integrations or automations
  4. Build rough to smooth. Build the base first, then refine it

Digital transformation is easier than you think

The key is to focus on the small things rather than allowing yourself to get overwhelmed by the big picture. Changing things in small steps changes the big picture without disrupting the day-to-day management of the business.


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