File Plugin

Read or write files, manage files and folders or watch a directory for changes to execute autonomous workflows with ease. The file plugin has everything you need to create, automate and deploy process-driven applications with low code.

Key Features 

  • Read / Write files
  • Manage files and folders
  • Watch a directory for changes and kick-off automated processes based on preset conditions
  • Build automated processes using common programming operations
  • Design processes that require moving or manipulation of files or directories

Additional Resources

Additional File Tools

FTP files


Transfer files and move data between systems MORE

Excel plugin


Read and write to Excel sheets



Encrypt or compress files to prepare for an EDI transfer



Read data or create Json formatted strings



Peek, poke, read or write XML formatted data



Read, write, and manipulate images in any of the more popular image formats

Use the File Plugin to automate directory events

Watch a directory for file changes, creations, renaming and deletions using the Directory Watch Service. Call a process or run business logic when the service event occurs.


Combine with additional Linx plugins and functionality to....

Apply powerful logic
Create workflows that can read file and use conditional branching and decision-making.

Extend your data
Combine your file actions to interact with other internal systems or cloud services.

Import & Export
Excel, Access, XML, JSON and Text file formats are supported for native import and export.

Plugin Functions

Binary File Read/Write
Read or write binary files into memory for use.

Text File Read/Write
Read or write text or delimited files, such as CSV files.

Directory Create / Copy / Move / Delete
Create, copy, move or delete a directory.

Directory Exists
Check for the existence of a directory.

Use the Windows Robocopy command to copy, mirror or move files or directories.

File List / Copy / Move / Delete
Create a list, copy, move or delete a file.

File Exists
To check for the existence of a file.

File Open
To keep a file open for speeding up large numbers of write operations.

Create Temp File
Create a uniquely named, zero-byte temporary file on disk.

Easily work with any file type

WATCH: Adding a text file for Hello World

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