Getting Started: Experience the Linx Application Cloud

When you want to pioneer a way forward, it's good to start with a path. Included in your trial is a sample REST web service which highlights some of the features, flexibility and convenience of developing backend projects with Linx.

Linx Platform

1. Understanding the Linx Platform

Linx consists of a low code IDE and Server.  It is used by IT pros, business analysts and integration specialists who wish to automate IT processes quickly, including the integration of systems, APIs, web services and databases without the need for complicated programming.

Application Designer

A low code desktop IDE where your solutions can be created and debugged.  The Designer is used to define your solution’s data model, business logic and workflow processes and allows you to quickly build business processes, including interactions with databases, files, emails and APIs, without having to code. Learn more

Application Server

Completed solutions are hosted on the Linx Application Server,  firing the events defined in your solution.  The Server hosts, executes and manages your event-triggered solutions and web services. The Linx Server can be hosted in the cloud or on premise in your own data center. Learn more

Linx Application Cloud

The Linx Application Cloud is a virtual machine running Windows Server 2019 which hosts the Linx Application Server, online database and file storage - all the elements you need to deploy and run your solutions without the cost, maintenance or effort required to set up a working environment. Learn more

TRY IT YOURSELF    Download the Linx Application Designer to create your own solution

2. Sample Solution: Call a REST Web Service

Included in your Application Server is a deployed and running sample solution, HelloLinx. The sample shows two different methods to call a REST web service.


Chuck Norris API


Creating an application to call an open API in Linx, takes seconds. We've created a sample service that calls an external REST web service and returns a Chuck Norris joke. The joke is then returned as an output (text in browser).

Call an open API

TRY IT YOURSELF    Use our sample solution to call any open API - from weather to maps, forex or news.

Custom REST Service


A simple REST web service which finds a parameter in the call URL and uses that to query your database.

STEP 1:  We created an automated process to read a file off a drive, extract the file name as well as contents and add it to a database. This process is automated via a Timer Service which checks the folder periodically for a new file.

Set an Automated Timer Service

STEP 2:  When a file is added to the database, you can use the filename as a parameter in a REST web service call which will return the file contents from the database as an output (text in browser). In our example you can use the parameters "world" and "linx".

Create a Custom Web Service Call

TRY IT YOURSELF     Create any parameter to call

Simply create a text file and drop into your Linx Cloud Drive. A timer service will pick it up and automatically add the filename and contents to your database. You can then query the database via the REST Web Service by placing the filename as a parameter in the call URL.

Additional Resources

Download the Linx Application Designer and start creating your own automated business processes in minutes.

Login to your Application Cloud and try the sample for yourself. We've created an easy to follow guide to ensure you get started right away.

See the magic of Linx in action and discover the steps behind how we built the process behind the sample.

Learn more about configuring your Application Cloud including more detail on working with the Application Server, file system and SQL database.

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