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A low code development tool for IT pro's

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Drag and Drop Development

Powerful, Business-focused Drag and Drop Programming

Low code design lets you streamline business processes, simplify complex workflows and implement conditional logic in minutes, whether you’re an integration specialist or a business analyst.

  Use nearly any file format including Json, XML, Text, CSV and more
  Easily apply low code programming functions and complex logic
  Transform, manipulate and move data with unparalleled ease

Deep Integration to Databases, Applications & Systems

Quickly integrate legacy systems, software applications, databases and expose web services to create automated workflows.

 Connect and query any ODBC, OLE DB and NoSQL databases
 Integrate enterprise applications, SaaS and legacy systems
 Create and consume web services  - REST or SOAP


Dynamic Event-driven Automation

Automate workflows, trigger events, tap into API end-points and kick-off backend processes with timers, email, message queues or watch directory events to launch a task in response.

  Apply backend automation for mobile apps, mBaaS
  Automate repetitive and routine IT tasks at scale
  Easily create advanced rule-based processes, actions and workflows

Deploy without the hassle

Linx makes it easy to deploy real-world applications.  Go from design to deploy in seconds with our high performance, hosted cloud servers. 

  1-Click deploy from the Designer IDE
  Enjoy world class security, reliability and flexibility
  Run anywhere: on-premises, hybrid or public cloud 
  Intuitive, easy to use management dashboard

Integrate Quickly. Design Rapidly. Automate Easily. Host Effortlessly.

Fast Track Development

Integrate applications, data and logic, to easily develop automated processes with technically complex tasks and multiple steps.

Connect Anything. Anywhere

Leverage prebuilt, reusable connectors to integrate with any database, system, application or file format.

ABC for APIs

The perfect solution for mBaaS, use Linx to build and configure your own API or expose existing assets as web services.

Cloud Connected

Effortlessly deliver solutions on our managed cloud with no need to install or maintain expensive hardware or infrastructure.

Build & deliver powerful, integrated, mission-critical process-orientated business automation without writing a single line of code

Program tasks  |  Transform & manipulate data  |  Read & write files | Read databases  |  Execute SQL queries and stored procedures  |  Call APIs  |  Host automated processes  |  Backend as a service (mBaaS)

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