For the modern IT department, speed and agility is the name of the game

TIME TO MARKET Manual coding
Slow to launch
Slow to change
Drag and drop design
Pre-built components
Quick to launch
SCOPE Build entire applications at once
Large projects
Build small independent solutions one at a time
Framework for multiple small solutions
DEVELOPMENT Slow turnaround times
Not aligned to business demands
RAD: Build up to 5x quicker
Efficient testing
Prove ROI
MAINTENANCE Expensive to support
Requires additional development
Easy/quick to update or extend
Excellent for prototyping
INTEGRATION Time and investment heavy
Requires developer(s) & documentation
Open to testing delays
Pre-built connectors
Live debugging
Create web services/APIs with no coding
DEPLOYMENT Slow and complex
Multiple steps requiring development resources
One-touch deployment
Deploy to multiple environments
Cloud or on-premise
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