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[NEW RELEASE] Google Plugins

The team at Linx are proud to roll out its new plugins for the Google suite of products, starting with Google Drive and Google Sheets. The new plugins offer instant connectivity to the tools, providing you with an easy way to interface with the Google Drive/Sheets API. With the API connectivity to the Google Drive REST API, users can get complete access to their Google Drive accounts directly from their Linx applications.

Linx allows you to instantly connect Google Drive or Google Sheets to automate your backend processes. With it you can 

  • Login to Google Drive without having to worry with complex authentication mechanisms
  • Add Google Drive connectivity to your Linx applications
  • Add and share files directly from Linx applications
  • Organize your files
  • Manipulate existing file
  • Manage file and folders permissions

The new plugin will allow you to integrate Google products into your business workflows by providing high-level functions in a single visual function. Developers can, like any other Linx plugin, simply update the various properties to rapidly include the Google suite of services in the development and deployment of back-end applications like APIs, integrations and automation. 

Simply put, the Google plugins offer a significant opportunity to improve a developer’s workflow by making the use of the Google APIs simpler, faster and easier. The result is an easily scalable integration tool to move, manage, govern and orchestrate data across applications and systems — on-premise or in the cloud.

Read the docs:

Google Drive, Google Sheets

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