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[NEW RELEASE] Introducing the Linx Application Cloud

Today we’re announcing the new Linx cloud server – the Linx Application Cloud. The new deployment option is our biggest change and includes a significant switch in how we offer our product.

Up till now,  the Linx Application Server had to be installed on the user’s own infrastructure, either locally on the user’s PC or on a server where you would have needed administrator access.

With the launch of the new Linx Application Cloud, users now have an even greater level of choice over the environment that they use to deploy their solutions.  Simultaneously, like the cloud, we like to think that this new server will mirror many of the same benefits of designing a Linx solution: Efficiency, economy, scalability, and doing things faster and better.

Our new cloud offering will be hosted on Microsoft Azure and offers the users an expedient, no fuss deployment service. With all software updates and maintenance performed by Linx, our fully-managed cloud platform makes it possible for you to host your applications with no need to acquire or operate hardware or manage cloud infrastructure, whilst enjoying world-class industry security standards provided by Microsoft.

The new Application Cloud is your own virtual machine running the latest version of  Windows Server 2019 and includes;

        • 1Gb SQL Server database
        • 32Gb data disk
        • Hosted on Azure
        • Fast, one-touch deployment

Linx Application Cloud
The new Linx Application Cloud will help users drive new business opportunities, spur innovation and reduce costs.  Of course, users can still have the option to deploy on-premise but our latest cloud version offers significant performance improvements for experienced and first time users. But most of all,  the change makes the entire Linx process, from design to deployment a better experience for developers to rapidly serve businesses with the technology they want.

Try it today with our free 7-day trial.

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