Web Service in under 3 minutes

[VIDEO] Create a web service in under 3 minutes

Catchy title right? We knew you wouldn’t be able to resist the promise of learning how to publish a web service in under 3 minutes. Why? Because time is money and everyone needs to accelerate their development processes.

Introducing low-code development

As Forrester Analyst John Rymer noted in a recent webinar, “If we rely solely on coding, we’re going to fail. It’s too slow. It’s too inflexible… We can’t move fast enough.“ The easiest way to accelerate any manual process is to automate parts of it – which is exactly what low-code development platforms like Linx are designed to do. They facilitate the practical implementation of the rapid application development (RAD) methodology.

In this case, Linx saves time by giving you access to pre-built plugins, i.e various functions, services, types and tools, in a drag-and-drop visual interface. Here, you can create, connect and automate programs and processes without writing a single line of code. All you need is the logic. Then you simply drag and drop the required components to create your process.

How much faster is it? It depends on the process – one of our clients accelerated its VISA™ settlement process by 99%.

Linx is easy to configure, highly scalable, and compatible with all standard databases. Use it to create, expose and consume web services, as well as to connect legacy systems and SaaS apps.

[VIDEO] How to publish web services in 180 seconds

The video below is designed to give you a quick taste of how easy it is. In this example, we’re using Linx to publish a web service to return data from Microsoft’s Northwind database. Linx also offers plugins that connect to web APIs via REST principles and the SOAP protocol.

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