RAD development

Smart teams are using RAD tools. Isn’t time you did too?

Create code automatically. Build prototypes at lightning speed. Boost your Development and IT teams’ productivity, speed and agility. Prove ROI fast.

Rapid application development (RAD) tools are an answer to prayer for many busy developers and IT managers. They are designed to free us from the soul-numbing task of creating endless lines of code  – including testing and debugging; and repeat – to simply create a standard function.


What are RAD software development tools?

RAD tools are low-code development solutions designed with speed and agility in mind. They automate the creation of frequently-used code, offering a quicker, simpler and more adaptable alternative to “traditional” application development. This agility is a benefit for developers who are building web applications and desktop applications at the same time (as is often the case when dealing with legacy applications).

The other great benefit of automation is that when it comes to building,  it provides an alternative to the old-school (i.e. costly, time-consuming and risky) waterfall methodologies that are so dependent on the skills of particular individuals.


Why RAD tools are so popular

We work with several development teams who use our Windows RAD tool, Linx. These teams use the tool primarily for the huge productivity gains it offers them.

Our partners, Digiata – a leading software development and consulting firm – has been using Linx for 15 years. They use it daily for all sorts of things, including:

  • To consolidate software audit results by generating a txt file on everyone’s laptop, which they simply had to send back to the IT team
  • To populate a software asset register for a Microsoft Licensing audit
  • To create web service layers for mobile apps
  • To automate parts of a bigger software building process
  • To help a client automate invoice creation from a school management system
  • To automatically remove duplicate photos from camera upload folder in dropbox automatically


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